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Values & Vision




Values & Vision




OUR MISSION | Following Jesus together for the flourishing of our city.

Everything we strive to do as a church is a response to what God has already done for us: in giving His Son so that we might receive the "freedom of the children of God" (Romans 8:21). As a church, we look to live together for Jesus, find joy and fullness in Him, and use what gifts, influence, and resources He has entrusted to us to serve our community. (Matthew 11:28-30; Psalm 16:11;  Philippians 2:3-10)

VISION | 2017-2018

In 2017, we look to establish a 1) Jesus-centered, 2) missionary-minded church family through missional communities, discipleship groups, Sunday gatherings, & partnership in the region (beginning with Brockton Elem). In 2018 we will look to multiply disciples, ministry leaders, communities, and prayerfully discern where Jesus is leading us to plant a new church.

VALUES | There are five core values that represent who we want to be as a church in our city.

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Live Jesus Centered

Everything we do flows from Jesus and His message. No one is more misconstrued in our culture that Jesus. Our Jesus is oftentimes far too safe and comfortable, but we believe that knowing and embodying the real Jesus is powerful- He came that the world could see God's reckless love for us!


Belong as Family

In a place like LA, experiencing family is fleeting. Yet God has invited us into His family and connected us to a collection of people tied together by Jesus. We are counter-cultural in both our care for one another and our commitment to be present with one another through thick and thin.

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Embrace Diversity

As the people of God in a city like Los Angeles, we should be a diverse community: no single ethnicity, generation, political party, or socioeconomic standing defines us or what we do. We need those who are different than us to see, enjoy, and reflect the beauty of our diverse God together!

Seeking Holistic Health - Star.png

pursue Holistic Health

Since Jesus cared for human beings holistically- feeding the hungry, healing the sick, freeing the bound, speaking truth to systems of power, and bringing hope to the hopeless- we too must step into the fray to serve the complex needs of our communities.


Build Toward Movement

Jesus invites us to participate with Him through intentional efforts to equip disciples, start communities, plant gospel-centered churches, and celebrate sending disciples into the next chapter God's Spirit has for them.