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What is
"The commons"?

Great question! In short, we are a community of individuals following Jesus together for the flourishing of our city. So what does this mean exactly? Let us tell you more about our story, what we're about, and why we're gathering on Sundays.



Let us meet you at the door

We know coming into a new environment can be a little intimidating at times, so let us meet you at the door! Click the button below to fill out a form so that we can have someone reach out. They'll be able to answer any further question you might have, offer a ride if you need one, and will be waiting at the parking lot so that you don't have to walk in alone!


Have More questions?

What time does the gathering start? What do I wear? What is there for children? There might be a lot of questions going through your mind right now, and we want to help. Let us show you a couple frequently asked ones.


Let Us Meet You At The Door

Let Us Meet You At The Door


Let us meet you at the door

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Date You'll Be Attending
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Can I come if I'm not a Christian?

Yes! We would love to have you come. We welcome people of all backgrounds and faiths to come and join in our gatherings. The Commons is designed to be a safe place where anyone can come and ask questions and explore what it means to be a Christ-follower. Even if you're just looking to meet some new people, we encourage you to come!

What should I wear?

Wear whatever you are comfortable in. People wear everything from formal to a t-shirt and shorts. You'll find that most people aim for smart-casual.

What should I bring?

Nothing is neccesary. We recommend bringing your Bible and a notepad and pen so you can take notes. If you forget though, we have some at our connect table for you.

when should I arrive?

The gathering officially starts at 10 AM. Plan to arrive by at least 9:45 to get a parking spot, use the restroom, and grab a cup of hot coffee before sitting down.

what if I don't know anyone?

We have a group of people who are available to meet you at the door and save you a place to sit. To request someone, fill out the form above and somebody will be in touch.

How long does the gathering last?

The gathering usually lasts around an hour and a half with a free hot lunch following. If you arrive late or need to leave early that is perfectly fine.

why will there be singing?

We generally sing 2-3 songs on either end of the talk. We do this because it is one of the ways we worship God. Singing is one way to remind our forgetful hearts of truths found through scripture. If you are not comfortable with singing or perhaps don't know the words, you may just observe.

Is it kid friendly?

Yes! We offer free childcare during the gathering. The kids will play, sing, and learn about the Bible while being led by background-checked, trained volunteers. If you would be more comfortable brining your child into the gathering, that's fine as well.

Do I need to "tithe" or give money when i visit?

Not at all. Our gathering and lunch afterwards are always free of charge. People who come regularly usually choose to give money (often called a "tithe") because they believe in the mission of the church and want to support it. As a guest, do not feel obligated to give anything, we're just happy you came!


At The Commons, we seek to be a place where everyone belongs as family. One of the ways we do this is by offering a free hot lunch so that people can talk and get to know each other more while eating. Many times there is a gluten and/or dairy free option. If you have any dietary restrictions though, please let a hospitality host (yellow lanyard) know so that we can ensure there is an alternative option provided.


This just serves as an easy way to tell who is a volunteer. The lanyards will say what team they are on (hospitality, prayer, Sunday operations, etc.) and are color-coded. If you have any questions, feel free to ask anyone in a lanyard and they will be able to help you or direct you to someone who can.


That's great! We love and encourage questions. After the gathering, the pastor usually will stand towards the back and is available to talk. If you aren't sure where to find him, ask a volunteer and we can help you. If you have a question you rather not ask in person or aren't able to stay afterwards, you can always text (424)442-0774 or email and we will have someone get back with you.