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Thanks for offering your help...

Below you'll find links to the beta version of the TCLA app. If you have any trouble downloading let me know.

We're hoping to test it with a small group before we announce it to the entire church, so please don't post about it or actively share the link to this page! Of course it's fine if people happen to hear and want to download it, we just want to try and keep it small for the first week or so as we work out bugs. We're hoping to release it publicly 5/20.

How you can help....

Fill out the "Feedback" form on the left side navigation to let us know what you think. Here are a couple things to keep in mind as you use the app:

  1. Is it easy to use? Does it all make sense?
  2. How does it look visually? 
  3. Are there any features that you wish were included? Also, are there any features that you think aren't needed in the app?
  4. Do any features not work?

Keep In Mind...

The app isn't done and the design is still coming together. This will largely be a result of the feedback we get here, but a couple things we're actively working on are:

  1. The app is intended to be used primarily by TCLA members. Anyone can download it, but the "target audience" is members.
  2. Some of the colors/easy errors will be fixed as the testing goes along. Even if you think we know about an issue, still tell us so that we can make sure to fix it!
  3. The main loading screen/app icon will be updated soon to the new logo.